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  •  Insuring a voice is of extreme importance.
  • Having voice through writing words, assignments, musical note & creations of positiveness exist. 
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It is clear African American & African males

  • know language,
  • speak multiple languages,
  • have valuable viewpoints,
  • have feelings,
  • can read & thus compose
  • in the process of in-depth and bouncing creativity when calm exist...


  • FOCUSED INTENT seeks the positive, the substantive conversations toward helping to give vision for layers of positiveness as if writing a song.  Components of graduating is represented by a cap but also in the midst of creating a life symphony. Symphonies are beautiful ideas and concepts existing within the being of a person walking on delightful & purposeful notes.  Symphonies can rise to the sun from innate ability of males to intertwine responsibilities and creativity.  They are the belief in one's self with a developed ability, of which Focused Intent seeks to bring forth the symphony of life that is: in motion; slowing down; or mired in missing decision making methods where mediation and/or substantive conversations can enhance next steps.


Members of Gentlemen's Round Table (GRT)

  • When members of GRT(c) purposely choose Monday as Tie Day - something already positive brewed into greater productivity. 

  • The grey cells move forward, the pens are engaged and life graduations in multiple levels are started and obtained. Be Exciting - Be creative - Be Focused toward Living. Problematic - connect with F.I.F. & stay connected like the original members.


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