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From GRT to Focused Intent for African American/African Males

Within Focused Intent Foundation, established to graduate males is the outgrowth of Gentlemen's Round Table (c) a program which retained, assisted and worked with males to persist to college degree completion.  Being able to serve as a stop-gap to remove flukes interrupting progress GRT was there.  Of the long-term existence 7.5 years many remain friends, in contact with each other, completed graduate degrees,  began families & still they read on.  

The continual mission of Focused Intent is "where substantive conversation provides insight, information & networking  to enhance life's opportunities for the young males, becoming men and males as decisions determining life can open doors."  While one doesn't need to give everything to every male neither is it positive to set policy which is detrimental to establishing and sustaining an African or African American male's life.  F.I.F. provides researched based papers and discussions for conferences, male  groups, community groups, and mixed audiences for substantive conversation.

Through offering  - Restorative Justice for a two-party or small group, school or larger community situations the concept of joining African, Western and extended methodology have developed a format toward a transformative core to participants.  Our researched based and hands-on work in the community of direct experience offers a concept purposely focused to seriousness & substantiveness. 

Why FIF? "1 day I Planned to Dream, follow a path continually tagged to success via college, certification and self-independence of manufacturing my idea. I began my quest & though day-upon-day my dream's desire continued my life seemingly began a separation from my dream focused goal. Giving thought to many endings I walked back toward a middle - yet only in my mind. May flowers & sun glimmered as summer shined upon my lack of mind-over matter thus constant missteps.  Can - this persistent, supposedly glistening dew hovering over my dreams evaporate in sunrise once more?  Being still like one in prayer - as if trying to hear a feather float-in unlikely landing stepped in - my quest relieved from happenstance on life. Instead second-upon-second decisions as a manner of decision making turned it/me around & life began, this, far better than simply existing" (copyright 2011-2023). Welcome to a F.I.F. conversation, sign-up.   

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